About Artilade


Artilade is an online magazine focused on art and writing by contemporary fine artists. Marilyn Narota began Artilade in 2017 to create a platform for more access to the unique and valuable voices of predominantly visual artists. Artilade reflects a variety of backgrounds and modes of making, promoting diverse and multidisciplinary representation within the arts.


The creators of Artilade believe artists and their work should be an accessible resource helping to edify society. The Pont du Gard aqueduct in Nîmes, France, is the original combination of art and engineering that inspired the Artilade name and slanted arch logo. This Ancient Roman arcade once enabled transportation of a valuable resource through the use of a series of structural arches. The famous landmark has proved a lasting architectural technology, flawlessly combining aesthetics and functionality, and continues to inspire audiences today, including members of the Artilade Team.


Developing and maintaining the Artilade website has been a passion project and joint effort by members of Kaur Studio, a creative web design duo in New York City made up by Marilyn Narota (visual artist) and Amninder Singh Narota (software engineer).


Editorial Team


Marilyn Narota - Founding Editor In Chief

Isabel Gutierrez - Assistant Editor

Michelle Sumaray - Guest Curatorial Editor, Winter 2018




General Inquiries and Mailing List: info@artilade.com

Chief Editor: marilyn@artilade.com

Facebook: @ArtiladeMagazine

Instagram: @artilademag