Découpé Poem: Artist Journal 2012-2015


By Maggie Schneider



Every year is the year for something… 

change, renewal, hope, etc…


Social consciousness; apprehension, normalizing movement/behavior because of (perceived) social constraints


But does the camera angle suggest sexual intention(s)?


What is sexual empowerment?


Sadie Benning

Lucy Lippard

Bruce Nauman


Sensing your skin and breath


Inhale Move

Exhale Stillness


Hear and see breath go through the body


Frances feels let down when brought back to the ordinary


What is stand-alone and what is NOT stand-alone?


What IS an authentic art experience?


Physicality of travel




I have a lot to accomplish before I go back anywhere




Just write


What the FUCK is my job as an artist?


Dan Graham


I hide behind my vanity


I need to read more and apply for grants 


Use of audio to inform [the] viewer and their [expected] emotional response 

… time based movement/video exploration 

… command of space 


This could be the beginning of a lifetime of work… video, performance, installation 


The goal of the project is to complete the challenge 


Being open to the experience is the only expectation I maintain 


Walking from 33rd to 7th to 11th West and 53rd 




Make your intentions clear in your artwork and it will be available [to your audience] 


I activated space in the elevator 


… levels of interpreted emotional states 


Susan Sontag 


Notes from Stephanie Barber: 

1.Check the framing of the camera 

2.Research the theory of montage 


Anatomy language vs. imagery language 


I get really frustrated with words 


What do I enjoy in life right now? 


How do I implicate the audience in my performative work? 


Dwelling in space creates the opportunity to allow for place… 


… smiling is often an invitation for engagement… 


The dancing happens when and where it desires to exist


… it feels daunting 




I am not sure where my next step is as an artist 


Physicality of space 






Exposing my body is easier for me to do than to be emotionally vulnerable 


How do I expose a more vulnerable yet sincere side of myself within my work? 


Video cameras activate immediate awareness 






Martha Rosler 

Robert Morris 


I consider my video editing process to be a form of choreography 


“Where I am is what I need.” – Deborah Hay 


What do I enjoy about what I make? 


Eva Hesse 


My videos as paintings 


Sculptural element of video perspective 


Awareness of my camera 


Muscle memory, topography, emotional memory… these influence your physicality as it relates to your immediate physical environment 


My body, this vessel through which my ideas travel


I feel therefore I am 


Movement Exploration 


Dancing in spaces with obstacles 


… it is the shared experience that is special and unique 


Learn to comprehend your environment with your physical presence 


Eleanor Antin 

Andrea Fraser 


I am a product of culture and history 


Meredith Monk 

Vito Acconci 


How do I own my labels? 


The way the video is projected, the room transforms into part of the piece 


“radical juxtapoisition” 


Valerie Export 


Authentic reaction 


From the Center 

Site Dance 

‘Art, Performance, Media’ 

Terpischore in Sneakers 

Enacting Others 

Animated Painting 


Fuck drinks


Even chaos has patterns 


Leading is 90% listening 


Eye contact

Maggie Schneider is a trans-disciplinary artist living and working in Baltimore, MD. She makes conceptual work through processing material (digital, physical, and experiential) and manipulating it into new forms. Her media include but are not limited to dance, painting, video, fibers, writing, audio, installation/sculptural and performance.

These images are a brief glimpse into Schneider's creative processes; they reflect the ongoing evolution of her studio practice.

Reach Maggie Schneider at schneider.maggie@gmail.com or visit www.artforhandling.com (her non fine art creative pursuits.)