Crimson Colored Hail

By Rosary Solimanto 


And now I cry...

yet you cannot see my tears

they fall from my from my heart like crimson colored hail


my silence it screams

like a rabbit drowning in water

yet you cannot hear it


I tremble

like a volcano erupting

yet you cannot feel it


Because I look normal.


Unleashing Imagination

By Rosary Solimanto


I have often wondered where I'd be without my imagination, especially since I've been sick for so long. It's because I am creative that I could beat my doctors up, chain them to the tiles, and put the IV into their arms.


This is when I'd see the IV plastic tubing turn into tentacles from the doctor's body as he transformed into his inner demon. I'd watch as his white lab coat became a purple cape, his skin bubbled into a green ooze and his large mouth opened wide to show gnashing lion-like teeth.


The seafoam green hospital walls would burst into green flames...and I began to scream, as the fire scorched my skin and changed my blue gown into dancing blue flames. The heaviness of my body I once felt disappeared, and I felt lighter than air, as wings spread out from my back and I began to hover above the hospital bed.


I pulled out my flaming blue metal sword and sliced through the tentacles of the demon. I unleashed a blue fireball from my hand into the minion's mouth - I watched him explode into green slime that splattered everywhere as the green flames scorched his pieces into ashes.


It was moments like these that kept me sane and going when I was institutionalized.

The interdisciplinary artist and activist, Rosary Solimanto, explores oppression and societal stigmas living with multiple sclerosis. She encourages political and social discourse on disABILITY identity to unfold and to empower the disABLEd. Solimanto is an emerging artist who has exhibited in New York City, New Jersey, North Carolina, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Connecticut, Minnesota, Toronto, London and Spain. She has performed in O + Festivals, The International Human Rights Art Festival In New York City, Itinerant Festivals, Nuit Blanche Festival in Toronto and exhibited and or performed at ten international museums. She has an upcoming performance at The Inverse Performance Arts Festival at the San Luis Obispo Museum in California.


Awards include Parnassus Award in Fine Arts at SUNY Adirondack, Kulakoff Award at SUNY Albany, Art Garden Community Supported Art Award at Arts Unbound in New Jersey, and the Sojourner Truth Fellowship at New Paltz in New York. She received her MFA from SUNY New Paltz in 2015. She currently lives and works in New York’s metropolitan area.


The two photos are a part of performance series Alive where the patient leaves the medical institution and becomes a part of the world. The audience explores a discursive curiosity to her presence as she allows society to see her invisible disABILITY. This work is multi-layered as politicians revoke medical care, 50% of police brutality is on the disABLEd, and there are dominant oppressive stigmas surrounding people with health conditions. Solimanto explores eugenics and perfectability of the human body, agency over one's body and mind, and the types of treatments patients utilize. 


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