The Ephemeral Home


 By Elizabeth Grammaticas



The home isn’t your own, but it isn’t really anybody else’s either. Sure, someone has the deed of ownership of the building, but that’s just words on paper. The owner is the past, and you know no matter how many times the locks are changed, it always has the master set of keys. 


Stripped of the specificity of the modern day, the space becomes a potent playground for the imagination, collages dialogue between present and past. When the chatter of technological innovations and digital worlds surround us, finding the person within the place, the character within the setting becomes even more important.


Looking through the windows and time traveling as a sentimental tourist. The building is older than your country and with just as much history, except it’s not found in books and classrooms but in cracks, original floorboards and replaced windows. There, the absence of knowing the history creates a presence in itself. Historical characters that refuse to fade into obscurity, and ancestors that refuse to let their lineage move on. By contemplating someone else’s past, you are able to make sense of your own, even none of the figures in your mind ever lived there.  Whether house, castle or ruin, they all become a sort of stage set.


You visit more homes; different shapes and sizes, eras and epochs.  Airbnb allows you to succumb to your inner domestic promiscuity. Who knew you could have so many homes. Some are one-night stands, some are great love stories, while others have only scratched the surface of the potential. Some of these homes are lived in regularly by the owners, with the occasionally salacious extra-marital affairs. Others serve as sets for the ever-rotating collection of temporary inhabitants, the dwellings having values as wanton as yours.


Running away from home to another’s home - to no one’s home and everyone’s home - you find each other and for that instant, while you’re inhabiting it, it inhabits you.  You are home.

About The Artist


Elizabeth Grammaticas is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, and curator. She received a B.F.A. in painting from Rhode Island School of Design, and an M.F.A. in fine arts from the School of Visual Arts. Her work explores memory, mourning, trauma, the home and celebrity and how these themes are intertwined in our daily lives. She has presented the world's first academic Kardashian symposium, Kimposium! at Brunels University London, and runs her popular and distracting Tumblr, Awkward Taylor Swift Dancing. She is currently working on #SQUADGOALS via an AIDF grant from the English Arts Council.


The images included are her Architecture of Memory Series created in 2017 using collage and mixed media on paper.


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