By Marcela Casals



inter    rupture:


a jolting stop triggered by an unexpected event or thought into a smooth flow

traveling with momentum towards a desired goal.





re-creating          a flow that is now


a memory


in the new now the old that will never be






moment of want filled with a nostalgia of the immigrant

tightness of a second place


bated scream






peers through the dissipating fog of the forgotten then

formed from that new brought by and by







Casals transitioned to visual arts from her work as actor/director a decade ago as she began to explore a more abstract expression of what actors call, commitment to the moment. Born in Buenos Aires and raised in the US, she has a BFA from Fayetteville State University with a double concentration in sculpture and ceramics, a Post Baccalaureate from MICA and an MFA in Fine Arts from SVA. The intent of her work, be it object, installation or performance, is to find a singular abstract expression of a moment in time. The final piece is the result of following a curiosity about a subject, feeling or action, through study of the socio-political history that shapes it and the exploration of material, process, and the physicality of the encounter with them. The work lies in committing to the present moment of making; for it is in that space that the maker's energy is transferred and opens an opportunity for the viewer to find themselves anew.


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