The Void

By Luciann Berrios



Something missing from the fabric

Separations created by language

Reinforced by ideas of they and them

Versus us and me

The ego keeping roots from growing together

The need for labels and boxes when we all end up in the same sized boxes

6 feet down

Blood of wine

Love life and death, all the same


Something missing in our unions

Broken, led astray

Separations created through deceit and broken promises

Half meant I do’s, should be exchanged for we will

Because we is together and together means accountability

And will means consistency, not just doing

But continuing to do


Something missing from the news we are fed

Truths, hidden behind superficial obsessions of celebrity and sexuality


Where are the hungry? Where are the unseen? Where are the wicked?

Truth kept behind veils of meaningless importance


Separations created through falsehoods and distractions

Through glitter and gold

Something is missing

Is void in our consciousness

Is missing from our existence





Separations created deep within ourselves

It is the play upon the ego

The exploitation of our vanities

Of our situations

The barrage of reminders to think of yourself

The disconnect between free will and action

Imposed by systems created to keep us in circles

Keep us in cycles reliving the past

Keep us claiming identities composed of illusions

Keep us creating enemies

And all this to satisfy what need?

Do I know more who I am once I know where you stand?


What is broken is honesty

Both to ourselves and each other

Hung up on triviality

I am you and you are me

No matter the vision

No matter the disguise

But spiritually


You are me

We are we

Whether seed, bud or withering,

Whether daffodil, rose or weed

All flowers you and me


How can we ever build up

Ever move forward

Ever be who we are, what we all need

When we are fractured at the core?




By Luciann Berrios



And no matter how much I think upon hours spent

With your warmth on my skin

Of your breath as you sleep

Sometimes the waters just run too deep

When boundaries are broken

And trust cannot breathe

There is no sturdy ground for us to stand on

No soft surface for us to lay our hearts down

When I find the source of my pain

Realizing the knife in my back

Ruptures reared through the birth of fictitious vows

Was it all empty words on strings?

String me along until I cut myself free

See, no matter how my mind reflects upon the softness of your lips

On the strength in your arms as they held me

On the pleasures erupted in me, with me, with you

Sometimes the earth beneath us is too weak

Collapsed among promises never intended for keeping

Faith shattered at my feet

Sharp pieces cutting our hands as you try to restore what was left

Never can be mended

All we do is bleed

We will never be you and me, just

You. Me. Singularly

The soil here not meant for planting,

Tarnished with resentments

Mistakes and unthinking considerations

We grew only weeds

What choice have I been left?

What action now imposed on me?

A most painful solution

See, In loving you

I stop loving me

Stop love from finding my lips and eyes

Haunting this city in search of its company

In search of its safety

In loving you

I keep love away

Kept prisoner by hopes for something I only hold in memory

Love becomes memories

Memories become all I see

Fragmented and floating


Luciann Berrios is a Hunter College graduate who was awarded a Bachelor of Arts in English Language Arts and then continued on to a Master of Arts in Journalism at Griffith College Cork in Ireland. She is also a volunteer for Steve Cannon, founder of nonprofit organization A Gathering of the Tribes. She read her work to him and thus embarked on the blessing of being able to publish her work both in an anthology and as her own manuscript titled Thunder and Sunshine in One Body (2017). She is currently working on a second manuscript.


The images included are photos of the artist, her book, and her poetry readings. Among them are her book cover for Thunder and Sunshine in One Body, a portrait taken by Aaron Taylor Studio of Berrios with the city in the background, and photos of her readings at The Inspired Word NYC.


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